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The Company will seek for annulment of certain decisions

INTER RAO Lietuva hereby informs that on 27 May 2022 the Company received the response from The Financial Crime Investigation Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania (FCIS) regarding the information announced by the FCIS that the Company is associated with persons who are subject to the international sanctions, and therefore assets and shares of the Company are allegedly freeze. On the response by the FCIS is stated, that the shareholders of the indirect shareholder of the Company, INTER RAO UES, are the companies, indirectly owned by the Russian Federation, which is the presidential federal republic and to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin are applied the international sanctions, adopted on 25 February 2022 by Council Decision (CESP) 2022/331 amending Council Decision 2014/145/CFSP concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

With reference to FCIS Information, on 27 May 2022 the National Energy Regulatory Council in Lithuania (hereinafter – NERC) adopted the decisions until 26 June 2022 to suspend the following permissions issued to the Company (i) the 31 January 2013 permission No. LI-0030 to import electricity and (ii) the 7 March 2003 permission No. L1-NET-14 to conduct the activity of the independent  supplier of electricity.

On 26 May 2022 the NASDAQ CSD Branch in Lithuania, most probably because of FCIS Information, rejected the Company’s instruction to pay the dividends, announced at the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders on 29 April 2022.

The Company strongly disagrees with the interpretation made by the FCIS that the Company is  allegedly controlled by the president of the Russian Federation, and will seek to  annul FCIS Information and the decisions made on the basis of such information.

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