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INTER RAO Lietuva to pay a dividend of 0.55 euro per share

Shareholders of AB INTER RAO Lietuva approved during today’s Annual General Meeting a dividend payment of EUR 11.0 million (EUR 0.55 per share) for the year 2020. The dividend record date was scheduled for 13th of May and the payout will be made on 25th of May 2021.

The decision of the General Meeting is in line with the Management Board’s proposal and means that the entire standalone net profit of AB INTER RAO Lietuva for 2020 was allocated to dividend payment. At the same time, the amount corresponds to approximately 90% of INTER RAO Lietuva Group’s consolidated net profit for 2020, which reached EUR 12.20 million.

INTER RAO Lietuva confirms its long-standing status of a reliable dividend-paying company. It is the eight consecutive year in which we are distributing almost entire consolidated net profit to shareholders. We are proud that, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our employees, INTER RAO Lietuva is again delivering on its promise of sharing the profits with all of its shareholders even in such challenging and difficult period of global COVID-19 pandemic and sharp decrease in electricity market price. We intend to maintain this policy in the future, unless significant and attractive investment opportunities appear,” said Giedrius Balčiūnas, CEO of AB INTER RAO Lietuva.

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