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Shareholders meetings

According to the Articles of Association of AB INTER RAO Lietuva (the Company), the managing bodies of the Company are the General Meeting, the Supervisory Council, the Board and the General Director.

The decisions of the General Meeting made regarding the matters of competence of General Meeting, are binding upon the Shareholders, the Supervisory Council, the Board, the General Director and other officials of the Company.

The Shareholders of the Company that at the end of the record date of the General Meeting are Shareholders of the Company have the right to participate in the General Meeting.

The record date of the General Meeting of the Company is the fifth business day prior to the General Meeting or the repeated General Meeting.

The person, participating in the General Meeting and having the right to vote shall deliver his/her identification proving document. In case the person is not a shareholder he/she is to present a document, proving his/her right to vote at the General Meeting.

Following the Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania an Annual General Meeting must be held every calendar year at least within four months from the end of the financial year.