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Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions about electricity supply, please contact our managers by phone at +370 610 12111 or e-mail at pardavimai@interrao.lt .

What is an electricity supplier?
An electricity supplier is an electricity market entity selling electricity to consumers. Suppliers have the right to trade electricity on the power exchange and under bilateral agreements with producers, suppliers and consumers. There are independent electricity suppliers, public suppliers and guarantee suppliers.
What is an independent electricity supplier? What is the difference between an independent electricity supplier and a public or guarantee electricit…
An independent electricity supplier operates exclusively under electricity market conditions. The prices of services provided by a public and guarantee supplier are regulated by the state.
What are the benefits of market liberalisation for electricity consumers?
Competition among independent suppliers enables electricity consumers to get the lowest price.
Is an independent supplier responsible for the quality of electricity and reliability of supply?
Transmission and distribution network operators are responsible for the quality of electricity and its delivery to the customer. Independent electricity suppliers must themselves be, or have contracts with, balancing energy suppliers responsible for aligning the amount of electricity predicted and actually used by consumers.
What is Nord Pool Spot?
Nord Pool Spot is a common power exchange established by Nordic and Baltic (Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Lithuanian and Estonian) energy companies. It is one of the oldest in Europe. Nord Pool Spot publishes information on electricity prices in different price areas.