Wind Park

The 30 МW Vydmantai Wind Park is one of the first and largest wind parks in Lithuania and other Baltic states. Wind turbines have been built in Western Lithuania, Kretinga district, close to Vydmantai and Kiauleikiai settlements in Kveciai and Rūdaičiai villages.

In 2018, the wind park generated and supplied 50.00 GWh of electricity. The production volume made up 56.42 GWh in 2017.

Electricity in the wind park is generated by 15 E-70 type wind turbines produced by German company Enercon GmbH, each with an installed capacity of 2 MW.

The first wind turbine of the park was connected to the Palanga – Šventoji section of the 110 kV transmission network of the Lithuanian power system through 110/20 kV transformer substation Vėjas-1 in the Kiauleikiai village on 11 October 2006. Other wind turbines were gradually connected by 15 February 2007.

Vydmantai Wind Park is a subsidiary wind energy company of INTER RAO Lietuva established in 2011. At the start of 2012, Vydmantai Wind Park controlled approximately 18.6% of installed wind power capacity in Lithuania.

Technical details of wind turbines of the park:

Wind turbine type Enercon E-70
Installed capacity 2000 kW
Rotor diameter 71 m
Direction of rotor blade rotation Clockwise
Number of rotor blades 3
Tower height 85.4 m
Wind turbine height 120.5 m
Tower diameter 2.0 – 3.9 m