About us

AB INTER RAO Lietuva is a leading player in the electricity market in the Baltic countries and one of the largest independent suppliers of electricity in Lithuania. It is rapidly expanding its activities in Latvia and Estonia. INTER RAO Lietuva operates one of the largest wind farms in the Baltic countries, located in West Lithuania. The company actively cooperates with partners in the Baltic and Nordic countries and Poland.

INTER RAO Lietuva began operations in 2002 when the Lithuanian electricity market was liberalised and independent suppliers of electricity and other open market players were allowed. The INTER RAO Lietuva group of companies is comprised of subsidiaries INTER RAO Latvia, INTER RAO Eesti, IRL Polska and Vydmantai wind park. The company trades in the Europe’s leading Scandinavian electricity trading exchange, Nord Pool Spot.

As it is one of its long-term objectives, the company continues to increase investment in green energy, thereby contributing to a reduction in pollution, tackling climate change and reducing the import and export of primary energy sources.