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For students

Since its establishment, INTER RAO Lietuva has been cooperating with Vytautas Magnus University. We support the improvement and development of this Kaunas-based education institution.

INTER RAO Lietuva has established a scholarship for the most talented students of the Finances and Banking Master Program at Vytautas Magnus University. A scholarship of EUR 3,000 is awarded and the winning student can study abroad for a half of the year at a partner university and receive a double diploma. The scholarship is awarded during the diploma delivery day for the students of the faculty of Economics and Management at the University.

Vytautas Magnus University actively participates in international programs which allow students to receive double diplomas. It requires six months of studies at an overseas university but this may cause financial difficulties for talented students. The scholarship established by INTER RAO Lietuva allows talented Lithuanian students to gain the most valuable knowledge and experience at the world’s best universities.

We invite students from economics, technology and other specialities at various higher education institutions who are interested in energy, renewable energy projects and the electricity market, to receive practical training with us.

The best students will be invited to join the team of INTER RAO Lietuva, provided with favourable working conditions as well as professional development and career opportunities.